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"When I looked at Annalise, that’s a fantasy role of mine. That’s the kind of role I want people to see me in."
Viola Davis and how she sees Annalise.

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Sounds like it’s shooting-star time. Who’s your pick?

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Chris Hemsworth for Esquire [x]

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#i mean #i cant believe that smarmy asscrack connor is the fan fave #smh

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every time a new episode is about to air i get all nostalgic because andrea is fucking gone and nothing will ever fill this empty space she left

When I first came to earth, Loki’s rage followed me here and your people paid the price. And now again.

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You’ve gotten to know all my crazy, but I still know nothing about you. You don’t trust people. Not your employees, your clients….nobody. Not even your husband.

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Thank you #GQromania and @DennisLeupold for an awesome shoot today! And #churchstreetboxinggym for having us! Place is legendary… #gnlstudios #dennisleupoldphotography

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